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Auditorium 2 Mosaic

Auditorium II

The original festival room of the former State Council building is now two separate auditoria seating 76 and 58 guests respectively. The wall in Auditorium II has a work by the German mosaic artist Heinrich Jungebloedt (1894-1976), which shows the coat of arms of the former German Democratic Republic.

The classroom has a fixed seating arrangement for 58 guests plus one wheelchair seating area. Like Auditorium I, it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment to ensure flawless events.

Area Measurements
  • Net floor space 227.87 sq m
  • Room height 9.54 m
  • Room length 16.68 m
  • Room width 13.75 m
  • Projection: 10,000 Lumen (projection format: 16:9)
  • 55-inch program monitor for speaker
  • Desktop-PC (incl. Windows, MS Office)
  • 86-inch Touch-Dsiplay
  • Wallboard system: 2 boards: 2m, 4m
  • Sound system incl. 2 × clipon microphones and 2 × handheld microphone
  • Conference system incl. 31 tabletop microphones
  • Electric outlets in rows of tables
  • Media control Crestron
  • Air-conditioning system

Auditorium 2 3D Visual

Seating Audit 2