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Study Rooms Mezzanine

Study Rooms - Mezzanine 1+

These study rooms are small working spaces that are suitable for interviews or as private working spaces during an event. They are located on the mezzanine level, between the first and second floor. Each room can hold up to 8 guests.

Area Measurements
  • Net floor space 24.50 sq m
  • Room height 2.60 m
  • Room length 6.34 m
  • Room width 3.85 m
  • 50-inch or 32-inch 4K LCD TV / monitor
  • Desktop-PC (incl. Windows, MS Office)
  • WiFi internet connection on request
  • 1 Flipchart
  • 2 Whiteboards
  • Printer b/w
  • Air-circulation system

Study Rooms 1+1 3D Visual

Seating Study Rooms